Youngblood Records


Discrepancy "Thoughts Are Things"

Discrepancy presents their debut 7", "Thoughts Are Things," adding another EP to the pile of classic Southern California/Orange County hardcore 7"s alongside bands like Hard Stance, Inside Out, Chain Of Strength, Unity, and Pushed Aside. These tracks take cues from those bands and infuse modern power fronted by HB local Nick Evans, who previously wielded the guitar for bands like New Brigade and Soul Search. On "Thoughts Are Things," Evans lured Philly native Justin O'Hara (Disengage, Consolation Prize, Stick Together) out west to add that much more experience, creating a 7" that will be looked upon as a benchmark of the era's hardcore sound. 7" includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Thoughts Are Things
2. Brother To Brother
3. End The Hate
4. Identity
5. In Due Time...