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Dicks "Kill From The Heart"


Dicks' debut full-length has been acknowledged as a foundational statement in punk ever since its initial 1983 release. Originally released on SST, the album stands apart from the mass of generic thrash-hardcore contemporaries, fueled by the manic, but controlled power of singer Gary Floyd along with the original lineup of guitarist Glen Taylor, bassist Buxf Parrot, and drummer Pat Deason. Forty years on, "Kill From The Heart" continues to smolder - an arresting testament to the possibilities embodied in creative rage. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Anti-Klan (Part One)
2. Rich Daddy
3. No Nazi's Friend
4. Marilyn Buck
5. Kill From The Heart
6. Little Boys' Feet
7. Pigs Run Wild
8. Bourgeois Fascist Pig
9. Purple Haze
10. Anti-Klan (Part Two)
11. Right Wing/White Ring
12. Dicks Can't Swim: I. Cock Jam/II. Razor Blade Dance