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DeeCracks "20 Years. A Frantic Effort"


To mark this milestone in their 20-year career, DeeCracks is releasing "20 Years. A Frantic Effort," a massive 3x10", colored-vinyl retrospective compendium of their favorite songs from the past two decades. And being able to revisit those tunes after road testing them for all these years inspired the band to add just the right amount of studio magic, including new vocal harmonies, guitar parts, or keys, while staying true to the live set. The pair of new songs, "Burnt Out" and "Where We Belong," are a song about facing your demons and a straight-up love song, respectively - two sides of the DeeCracks' coin.

Track Listing:

1. Burnt Out
2. Another Time Bomb
3. Down Out And Low
4. Not Another Minute
5. Shambles
6. One And A Million Miles
7. We Can't Help It
8. I Need A Nurse
9. You Messed My Head Up
10. Gimme Gimme Plastic Surgery
11. My Baby Quit Rehab
12. Get Out Of My Head
13. Adderall
14. Valentine
15. Rat In A Trap
16. Just Wanna Play
17. Kill Or Cure
18. Don't Rely On Me
19. Monkey Boy (alternate version)
20. Stroll The Streets
21. Standing On My Head
22. I Wanted It All
23. Metal Mind
24. Don't Turn Your Heart Off
25. Mentalane
26. Charite Forever
27. Where We Belong
28. Beach 90