Crimewave Records


Dead Wrong "Discography"


Crimewave Records is very excited to announce the full discography of Connecticut hardcore legends Dead Wrong. Most available on vinyl for the first time, it features remastered tracks from their CDep "Hellbomb" (previously released by Stillborn Records), their split EP "Dead Wrong Vs. The Banner" (previously released on War Machine Records/State Of Mind Recordings), and their original, self-released demo. Dead Wrong blended Cleveland-style hardcore with old-school, New York hardcore, creating a raw and punishing blend of brutal hardcore with deep lyrics.

Track Listing:

1. The Trudge/Trapped
2. Hellbomb
3. 21
4. Something To Fear
5. Mass Suicide
6. Dying Shell
7. Giving Up
8. 8:46
9. Silent Screams
10. No Love
11. Giving Up (demo)
12. Something To Fear (demo)
13. 21 (demo)
14. Hellbomb/All For Nothing (demo)