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Dayglo Abortions "Out Of The Womb"

Back in print due to popular demand and its extreme rarity, this early 80s punk classic is now being re-issued. The "Out Of The Womb" LP was released in 1981 as a pressing of 1000 copies. Containing many legendary classics, most of this album appeared on the classic "Feed Us A Fetus" LP in '85.

Track Listing:

1. R.B.F.'s
2. 1967
3. Scared Of People
4. Black Sabbath
5. Used To Be In Love
6. I Killed Mommy
7. P.E.T.
8. East Indian
9. Kill The Hosers
10. Suicide
11. Too Stoned To Care
12. Idiot
13. I Am My Own God
14. Germ Attack