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Current "Yesterday's Tomorrow Is Not Today"


Screaming suburban blues straight from the pages of HeartattaCk fanzine, Current exploded out of the early-'90s, Midwestern emo scene in a fit of DC-hardcore inspired rage. Spread across three LPs, "Yesterday's Tomorrow Is Not Today" compiles the quartet's lone album, two EPs, split 7"s with Indian Summer and Chino Horde, miscellaneous compilation debris, and nine previously unissued alternates including the infamous KLXU radio show. Remixed and mastered from the original tapes, Current's complete discography is annotated in Leor Galil's exhaustive survey, illustrated with period photos, flyers, and cut-and-paste sleeve art across 24 pages.

Track Listing:

1. Representation
2. Dial
3. Pave
4. Bag Of Threads
5. Twoandadime
6. Ruin
7. Outside Is Better
8. Coliseum
9. She Can't Write
10. Hark
11. Member
12. Basis
13. Repetition
14. Continued Rantings
15. Leech
16. Bastille
17. Frayed Ends
18. Overbearing
19. Member (Demo)
20. A Place
21. Past Time
22. Key
23. Monument
24. Could I
25. Slivered Lead
26. Come Down
27. Left At The Right
28. Happyasiam
29. The River
30. Chairtied
31. Bag Of Threads
32. Hark (KXLU session)
33. Key (KXLU session)
34. Monument (KXLU session)