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Crime "San Francisco's Doomed"


The legend of Crime looms large among punk aficionados. Culled from 1978-79 studio demos and rehearsal tapes, "San Francisco's Doomed" captures the frenzy of their sound in a loose, devil-may-care framework. Recommended for fans of The Pagans, The Stooges, and The Cramps.

Track Listing:

1. Frustration
2. Crime Wave
3. I Knew This Nurse
4. San Francisco's Doomed
5. Rock 'N' Roll Enemy No. 1
6. Piss On Your Dog
7. Feel The Beat
8. I Stupid Anyway
9. Twisted
10. Murder By Guitar
11. Instrumental Instrumental
12. Flyeater
13. Rockabilly Drugstore
14. Dillinger's Brain
15. Flipout
16. Emergency Music Ward
17. Monkey On Your Back
18. Yakuza
19. Rockin' Weird
20. Samurai