Confusion "Storm The Walls: 1990-1994"


Daze is proud to present Confusion's "Storm the Walls: 1990-1994," the long-awaited discography from the legendary, influential New York hardcore/death-metal band. With tracks officially collected and remastered from the original tapes for the first-time ever, this release includes the bands 1990 "Four The Force" demo, the 1991 "Distorted Vision" demo, and the complete 1992 "Taste Of Hate" EP, along with the infamous title track "Storm The Walls," taken from the 1996 "A Call For Unity" CD compilation. For fans of Obituary, Power Trip, Outburst, Deicide, and Integrity.

Track Listing:

1. Confusion (demo)
2. Taste Of Hate (demo)
3. Selfishness (demo)
4. Trendy World/A Confused Rage (demo)
5. Intro/Confusion (demo)
6. Without Hope (demo)
7. Distorted Visions (demo)
8. Confusion
9. A Fatal Infection
10. Distorted Visions
11. Early Frost
12. Storm The Walls