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Condemned To Death "Diary Of A Love Monster"


Condemned To Death was a San Francisco, CA-based band associated with the Vats; the Vats were an abandoned Hams Brewery where Bay Area punks squatted and bands such as MDC, Sluglords, and D.R.I., among others, rehearsed in the '80s. Condemned To Death was one of the best known bands that formed and rehearsed at the Vats. This will be the first official repress/reissue of their popular 1984 full-length originally on Land Mine/R Radical Records and features future members of Verbal Abuse.

Track Listing:

1. Lost Tweekend
2. Depo-Provera
3. The Assassin
4. Stoned To Death
5. Night Of The Succubus
6. Deformed Blood Ghouls
7. What's In The Basement
8. Love Monster
9. Hair Spray Randy
10. Parricide Baby
11. Blood River
12. Bang Your Maiden Head