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Circa Survive "Two Dreams"


The beloved alt-prog/post-hardcore giants Circa Survive are gearing up for their all-new, atmospheric seventh full-length. The album consists of two EPS: "A Dream About Love" and "A Dream About Death," and lead into a whole new era for Circa Survive - one that's more bold, avant-garde, and honest than ever with their highly anticipated "Two Dreams." Produced by Will Yip (Turnstile, Quicksand, Turnover). Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Track Listing:

1. Imposter Syndrome
2. Drift
3. Our Last Shot
4. Even Better
5. Gone For Good
6. Sleep Well
7. Electric Moose
8. Curitiba
9. Late Nap
10. Discount On Psychic Readings
11. Die On The West Coast
11. Buzzhenge