Revelation Records


Christiansen "Stylish Nihilists"

Christiansen's third album (second for Revelation) bristles with jagged post-hardcore guitars and intricate yet danceable bass and drum interplay; all as a backdrop to passionate and sincere vocals. With an unparalleled collective drive to play music, it is evident that when four best friends come together you end up with a unique situation. Produced by Sal Villanueva (Thursday, Taking Back Sunday).

Track Listing:

1. Kentucky Goddamn
2. Under Things Killed
3. A Considerable New Message
4. Cocaine Summer
5. The Middle Finger
6. Dead Celebrities Are Amusing
7. Mother Holiday
8. Tragedy My Novella
9. In Smut We Yearn
10. Jhazz Never Spelled So Good
11. More Saints Less Musicians