Sky Valley Records


Christ "Complete"


Christ led a short but meaningful life, perhaps not to millions of followers or acolytes around the world, but to the ones who saw this Philadelphia, PA-based post-hardcore band in The First Unitarian Church basement, fire halls, and various venues from 1996-1997. With innovative bass lines, a two-guitar attack, and 25 years of being out of print, Christ can now appeal to the masses. Christ has experiences recording and touring from members previous based bands such as Prema (Equal Vision Records), I Hate You (Deathwish, Inc.), Autumn (Crisis Records), Genuine (Temperance Records), and Grip (New Age Records).

Track Listing:

1. Tire Iron
2. Song Number Three
3. 665321
4. Lunchroom
5. Mitchell
6. Song Number Three (demo)
7. Mitchell (demo)
8. Page 15
9. Librarian
10. Page 15 (demo)
11. 665321 (demo)
12. Douglas (demo)