Neon Taste Records


Chain Whip "Call Of The Knife"


Western Canada's top punk dogs Chain Whip are back and continue to venture down the path blazed by the early Los Angeles hardcore punk scene with absolutely manic vocals. They manage to perfectly mix tuneful punk with a garage-y guitar twang with an extremely rough edge. It brings to mind bands like Regulations, UX Vileheads, and The Vicious. Limited edition of 500 copies. Imported from Canada.

Track Listing:

1. Call Of The Knife
2. Class Decay
3. Hatewave
4. Toothless
5. Something's Gotta Give
6. Re-Decapitated
7. Deserve The Flame
8. I Can't Get
9. Teenage Kinks
10. The Flag Means You Suck
11. Part Zero
12. State Hornets
13. King Rat