Dark Operative


Caspian "The Four Trees"


"The Four Trees" is the first proper full-length effort from Beverly, MA's Caspian - originally issued in 2007 on the Dopamine Records label, this formal reissue on Dark Operative marks the first time it has been in print physically in over seven years. If there's one thing Caspian accomplishes every time out, it's to paint pictures or a visual narrative in the mind's eye as each album unfolds. "The Four Trees" established the long-standing tradition of entirely great albums from start to finish for Caspian and still stands as a beacon for music fans that want bands' records to actually "go somewhere."

Track Listing:

1. Moksha
2. Some Are White Light
3. Sea Lawn
4. Crawlspace
5. Book IX
6. The Dropsonde
7. Brombie
8. Our Breath In Winter
9. The Dove
10. ASA
11. ...Reprise