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Brigata Vendetta "This Is How Democracy Dies"


Brigata Vendetta is a new force to be reckoned with in the famed Bay Area, CA, punk-rock scene, but the three members are anything but newcomers. Frontman/bassist Darrel Wojick and guitarist Mike Caputo of Harrington Saints are joined by Bum City Saints drummer Brian Zobel. Together, these three "saints" are crafting a brand-new sound informed by classic hardcore punk that stands poised to surprise and excite longtime fans and new ones alike.

Track Listing:

1. Get The Spirit
2. Lose Again
3. Embrace
4. '87 Again
5. If This Is Life
6. Stuck There
7. 1,000 Cuts
8. Nothing Left
9. Tempers Flare
10. Bodies
11. Never Let You Die
12. Into The Ground
13. Greenies