Convulse Records


Brain Squeeze / The Death Sentence "Split"


This is an eight-song split 7" from two great Portland, OR, hardcore punk bands - Brain Squeeze and The Death Sentence. A split 7" as it should be: two bands dealing out hardcore punk that evokes the spirit of classics like Poison Idea, Jerry's Kids, and the Necros. If the great split 7" is dead, we don't wanna be alive - here's another reason to stick around. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Brain Squeeze - Self Image
2. Brain Squeeze - Human Parasites
3. Brain Squeeze - Dissasociated
4. Brain Squeeze - Hypocrite
5. The Death Sentence - Mentally Departed
6. The Death Sentence - Nightmare Reality
7. The Death Sentence - The Death Sentence
8. The Death Sentence - Set Straight