Southern Lord Records


Bl'ast! "Manic Ride"


In June of 1988, the mighty Bl'ast! went into the studio with Black Flags' live sound GOAT: Dave Rat (Ratsound) to record "Take The Manic Ride." Through some incredibly magical surgery, a new heavy as fuck version of the album has been produced. Under the strict guidance of mastering engineer Brad Boatright (who also remastered the other Bl'ast! albums re-released by Southern Lord) they now are beyond stoked to bring you "Manic Ride."

Track Listing:

1. Somewhere I've Found/Falsehood Claws
2. Overdrive
3. Out Of Alignment
4. Start The Machine
5. Turn And Face The World
6. Blast It Black
7. Bones
8. Powerize
9. It's Time
10. Abraxis
11. Look Inside