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Belmont "Aftermath"


Progressive-punk quartet, Belmont, has released their new album "Aftermath," which is out now via Pure Noise Records. "Aftermath," the band's Pure Noise Records debut, produced by the billion-streamed Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Real Friends), is driving a chasm between Belmont and their peers with a stunning evolution. In a landscape more genre-less than ever, it's the seamless, at-times effortless blending of disparate sounds that guides "Aftermath" on a hyper-modern tour through musical styles - steadied by the pop-punk energy that's won Belmont legions fans on tours.

Track Listing:

1. Fully Sent
2. Parasitic
3. Bowser's Castle
4. Pain Now
5. In My Skin
6. Country Girl
7. Top Gun (From The Top)
8. 4AM//Disappear
9. Never Found
10. Guilt Trip
11. What I Lack
12. Advanced Darkness