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Band Of Mercy "Veganocracy"

In an era where animal exploitation is the law of the land, who will be the voice for the voiceless? Band Of Mercy is not only that voice, they are the judges, jury and executioners, serving up hearty doses of pissed-off hardcore, spite and accountability. "Veganocracy" is the third output of their trilogy, this time around taking on excuse makers, fake hippies and environmentalists, omnivores, circus goers, self-proclaimed nutritionists and probably you. 7" includes digital download. PLEASE NOTE: we have a limited amount of copies available of the more rare, BLACK vinyl version. Please specify in your order if you'd prefer the black vinyl version instead of the colored vinyl version, or if you'd like to order one of each version.

Track Listing:

1. Personal Problem
2. Better Than You
3. Veganocracy
4. The Matriarch
5. The Guy With Bitch Tits
6. The World Will See