Avail "Over The James"

Originally released in 1998 on Lookout! Records, this re-issue will include bonus tracks that were added in 2006 when Jade Tree Records first pressed this title on vinyl. "Over The James" is the fourth album from Avail and this version includes the 14 original songs plus four bonus tracks including "Lombardy Street (acoustic)" from "The Fall Of Richmond" split with (Young) Pioneers and the band's covers of Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, and Embrace. Now available again on vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Track Listing:

1. Deepwood
2. New #2
3. August
4. Fall Apart
5. Nickel Bridge
6. Scuffle Town
7. Sanctuary 13
8. S.R.O.
9. Midtown West
10. Lombardy Street
11. Vine
12. Cross Tie
13. Ask
14. Fifth Wheel
15. Lombardy Street. (acoustic version) (bonus track)
16. You May Be Right (bonus track)
17. Suspicious Minds (bonus track)
18. Said Gun (bonus track)