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Ashers "Kill Your Master"

Ashers is fronted by vocalist Mark Civitarese (The Unseen) and is Boston, MA's new diamond in the rough. Through working with bands such as The Unseen, A Global Threat, Blood For Blood and Death Before Dishonor, Mark's versatile background has made his voice one of the most distinct in the punk and hardcore world today. Ashers scorches listeners with a vortex of blistering hardcore, dirty rock, anthemic punk and bar room metal that creates a new flavor altogether for fans of aggressive music.

Track Listing:

1. Kill Your Master
2. Destitution
3. End Of The Rope
4. Vanished
5. Watch It Burn
6. Time Lapse
7. Blood And Grain
8. Killing Time
9. Now So Clear
10. Eyes Of Demise
11. Cold Dark Place
12. Faith Denied
13. Class Of '94