TKO Records


Antiseen "We're # One!"

Fresh off their 2016 European tour, Antiseen is back with this 12" EP of all new material. This release is available on an insane array of random colored vinyl, hand-mixed at the pressing plant by Mr. TKO himself... no two copies are exactly alike. Each record includes the "Ape City Stomp" comic book by Loud Comix artist Jamie Vanda as well as a sticker. It doesn't get more deluxe than this, folks. Lest there be any doubt, Antiseen is here to stay, but this record is going to be gone before you know it, so order up. 12" EP includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Fight Like Apes
2. The Favors Are Over
3. Lo-Fi
4. Cousin Eddy