TKO Records


Antiseen "Here To Ruin Your Groove"


Lovingly reissued for the first time since 2003 as a newly remastered 2xLP, this deluxe edition of "Here To Ruin Your Groove" includes both the original record and an additional 12" featuring two previously CD-only hidden bonus tracks, two singles, and six tracks from their 1997 set at the Confederacy Of Scum Supershow in Lawrence, KS. Packaged in a gatefold jacket and pressed on colored vinyl, the record also includes a 16" x 20" poster and a CD copy of the original 1996 version. With the painstaking attention to detail you've come to expect, TKO Records is proud to present the definitive version of Antiseen's "Here To Ruin Your Groove." Limited edition of 400 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Ugly American
2. The Dean Of Sods Speaks #1
3. Spare Change
4. People Like You
5. The Dean Of Sods Speaks #2
6. Funk U
7. Misery
8. Dean Of Sods Speaks #3
9. We Got This Far (Without You)
10. Radio Ruined Groove
11. Billy The Kid
12. Self-Induced Lobotomy
13. Sick Things
14. O.D. For Me
15. The Needle & The Spoon
16. Dean Of Sods Speaks #4
17. Justifiable Homicide
18. Fornication (bonus track)
19. Fuck All Y'all (bonus track)
20. 1969 (bonus track)
21. Jailhouse (bonus track)
22. Self-Induced Lobotomy (live) (bonus track)
23. People Like You (live) (bonus track)
24. Funk U (live) (bonus track)
25. Star Whore (live) (bonus track)
26. Queen City Stomp (live) (bonus track)
27. We Got This Far (Without You) (live) (bonus track)