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Angry Samoans "Back From Samoa"


Destructive, mischievous, and politically incorrect are just some of the words used to describe Los Angeles, CA's Angry Samoans. And with their second record, "Back From Samoa," originally released in 1982, they remain to have that inability to care about who's toes they step on; as long as they continue to blast out their aggressions, it's all good. With this amount of nihilism, "Back From Samoa" can instigate the trouble-maker out of anyone.

Track Listing:

1. Gas Chamber
2. The Todd Killings
3. Lights Out
4. My Old Man's A Fatso
5. Time Has Come Today
6. They Saved Hitler's Cock
7. Homo-Sexual
8. Steak Knife
9, Haizman's Brain Is Calling
10. Tuna Taco
11. Coffin Case
12. You Stupid Jerk
13. Ballad Of Jerry Curlan
14. Not Of This Earth