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Amends "Tales Of Love, Loss, And Outlaws"


Starting in the mid-2010s as an emo-rock revival outfit, Amends have expanded to incorporate a sound more focused on alt-country, heartland rock, and folk punk. Joining in on the record are Murder By Death cellist Sarah Baillet and Against Me! leader Laura Jane Grace. "Tales Of Love, Loss, And Outlaws" demonstrates and solidifies Amends status as one of Australian music's most unique and endearing prospects. LP includes digital download. Imported from Australia.

Track Listing:

1. Fighting A Losing Battle
2. Walking Backwards
3. I'm Not The One That's Lost
4. This One, For Example, Is About Grief
5. The Only Medicine Is Drink
6. It's Been Heaven Knowing You
7. White Bear Lake
8. Everything Is Gone
9. What Else Would I Do With Myself
10. I Gave My Heart Away A Long Time Ago
11. Willingly Return To Darkness