Rebellion Records


Agnostic Front "Dead Yuppies"


Originally released in 2001, one of the most venerable and notorious hardcore outfits brought their classic sound into the next millennium with a blast. Using old-school anger, energy, and attitude, "Dead Yuppies" is a ferocious attack on the status-quo that doesn't let up for a second. Songs like "Uncle Sam," "No Mercy," and "Pedophile" confront some of societies worst problems with a genuine, street-bred angst and fire that few bands possess.

Track Listing:

1. I Wanna Know
2. Out Of Reach
3. Critic
4. Liberty
5. Club Girl
6. Uncle Sam
7. Urban Decadence
8. Loved And Hated
9. No Mercy
10. Politician
11. Pedophile
12. Alright
13. Dead Yuppies
14. Standing On My Own