Bitter Melody Records


Action Patrol "On Patrol 1993-96"


Action Patrol was a beloved Richmond, VA, band who existed for a short time from the mid to late '90s. Their spazzed out, nerdy/charming presence accompanied by their powerful, commanding live show made them an instant hit with everyone from crusty punk types to pretensions scenesters and hardcore kids. Tons of quirks and loads of melody, aggression, emotion, and velocity, all wrapped up with David Grant's relatable, political lyrics.

Track Listing:

1. Tube
2. Golden Wings
3. PCA
4. Clock
5. EQ45
6. In The Name Of
7. Small
8. Don't You Know
9. Work Ethic
10. Hustle
11. On High
12. Boxing
13. Friend
14. Closed Doors
15. Time After Time
16. 21
17. Worthless
18. Brains
19. Benign
20. B Plus
21. Bike Cop