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Acidez "Don't Ask For Permission"

Acidez plays killer UK82 style punk from Guadalajara, Mexico, that is a heavy take on classic Partisans or GBH. A good point of reference would be "On The Front Line" by The Casualties, but even more in your face and shredding the whole way through. This is a gatefold LP reissue of their sold-out first full-length record, originally released on vinyl by Voltage Records in 2012. For fans of GBH, Partisans, The Varukers and The Casualties.

Track Listing:

1. Acideztruction
2. No Existen Reglas
3. Linea De Muerte
4. Fe De Ciegos
5. Pierdes Tu Tiempo
6. Creas Tu Infierno
7. No Pidas Permiso
8. Fuera De Tu Ley
9. Hated & Rejected
10. Sin Control
11. Kaos
12. Todo Destruido
13. Don't Ask For Permission