The Linda Lindas "Growing Up"


A product of generations of underground music in Los Angeles, CA, and beyond, The Linda Lindas' debut, "Growing Up," channels classic punk, post-punk, power pop, new wave, and other surprises into timelessly catchy and cool songs sung by all four members - each with her own style and energy. A handful of cuts have already been previewed at shows and enthusiastically approved by diehard followers in the pit at L.A.'s DIY-punk institution The Smell and Head In The Cloud festival goers at The Rose Bowl alike. The Linda Lindas are stoked to unleash "Growing Up."

Track Listing:

1. Oh!
2. Growing Up
3. Talking To Myself
4. Fine
5. Nino
6. Why
7. Cuantas Veces
8. Remember
9. Magic
10. Racist, Sexist Boy