Indecision Records


Retaliate "IV"


Oxnard, CA's hardcore steamroller returns with their fourth full-length, aptly titled "IV." Drawing on influences from their local scene as well as NYHC and Clevo, this 13-track assault clocks in at 19 minutes and is sonically their most crushing effort yet. Ferocity and urgency are the hallmarks for an uncompromising output from current and former members of In Control and The Warriors. Now available on CD with ten additional tracks.

Track Listing:

1. La Jenelle
2. Cages
3. Infidel
4. Note To Self
5. Disgrace
6. Your Pride
7. To My Friends
8. Before We Lost
9. Bite It
10. Shut Your Face
11. Earth
12. Dedicated To Episode 1 (And The True Believers)
13. Lifer
14. Born To Lose (CD only bonus track)
15. Times Have Changed (CD only bonus track)
16. The Nard Way (CD only bonus track)
17. In My Life (CD only bonus track)
18. Know Your Roots (CD only bonus track)
19. Rest In Peace (CD only bonus track)
20. Born Alone Die Alone (CD only bonus track)
21. Thorns (CD only bonus track)
22. Defined By Silence (CD only bonus track)
23. The Dance (CD only bonus track)