Indecision Records


Death By Stereo "We're All Dying Just In Time"


Relentless since 1998, Death By Stereo has been a driving force for over 20 years without a single break in touring and recording. From the opening riff of "We're All Dying Just in Time," the band's seventh studio album and first since returning to the label where they first got their start, one can tell that the band has persevered the way they have by being themselves. Death By Stereo, for decades, has repeatedly destroyed definition by doing exactly what it is they want to do. New pressing now available on pink vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. California Addiction
2. Free Gun With Purchase
3. The Gift Of Attack
4. Mass Self Destruct
5. Straight From The Inside
6. I Sing For You
7. An End To Sensation
8. Choose A Side Or Open Wide
9. 300 Tribes
10. We Sing, They Die