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Between The Wars "Death And The Sea"

Previously releasing the "Less We Believe" EP, Between The Wars quickly received rave reviews throughout the independent music community since hitting the scene last year. Though drawing comparisons to metallic outfits such as Unbroken, Between The Wars has a sound of their own. Led by the intricate, flawless fretwork by Bill Henderson (Thursday) and matched with Tim Shaw's (current Ensign front man) distinct, gripping vocal track, the 15 songs that make up "Death And The Sea" combine for an album that will leave a lasting impression on the hardcore/metal scene.

Track Listing:

1. Keep Laughing
2. Sore Throat
3. Uno Mas
4. Death
5. ...And The Sea
6. For Nothing
7. No Obligation
8. Beneath The Dead Sky
9. The Last Drop
10. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
11. Clenched Fist
12. Cold War
13. Crashing Down
14. Santosha
15. Less We Believe