August 12, 2020 1 min read

revelation records where it went podcast

Where It Went Podcast is a new weekly exploration of the Revelation Records discography in chronological order. Hosts Greg Polard and Javier van Huss discuss all aspects of the releases, from recording to layout to legacy. Using research, conversation, and interviews, they hope to present the subject matter in a fun and relatable way. 

revelation records where it went podcast greg polard javier van huss

Both hosts have decades of time invested in the hardcore scene, each hailing from a different coast of America. The duo also bring experiences from different sub-genres of hardcore, with Javier’s early roots in the mid-90s metalcore scene and Greg’s in the late 90s / early 2000s “youth crew revival” scene.  Despite these differences, they are brought together by their love and obsession with music, specifically hardcore punk.

Starting in the summer of 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic and lockdown, Where It Went podcast has a long journey ahead and no shortage of things to talk about. New episode airs every Wednesday.

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