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Zulu "Our Day Will Come"


Starting off as a solo project by Anaiah Lei, who wrote and recorded all the tracks on "Our Day Will Come," Zulu is now a collective that plays live shows and creates music videos to spread the Zulu message of black consciousness live and loud. "Our Day Will Come" takes the genre of powerviolence, blends it with classic, '80s hardcore and metal as well as modern beatdown, giving it a much needed update in the process, and at the same time, steering it towards its beginnings as a genre of punk protest rather than, at times, the comedic grindcore that it can sometimes be known for today. This is a sorely needed recording about black pride and black consciousness for our times, and by no means the only one, the hope being that from 2020 onwards hardcore reflects on itself and we see more black voices pushed to the front as a vital artery in this community's lifeblood. Limited edition of 350 copies. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. We've Only Just Begun
2. I Sit Alone In My Four Cornered Room Staring At Candles
3. Things Ain't Gonna Change
4. Watching From The Sideline
5. 52 Fatal Strikes