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Zombie Apocalypse "Life Without Pain Is A Fucking Fantasy"


Zombie Apocalypse was formed in 2000 by Matt Fox and Matthew Fletcher (Shai Hulud) and Ronen Kauffman (, with Eric Dellon (Shallow Water Grave) joining soon after. Rich with the distinctive imagery Zombie Apocalypse's fans have come to expect, the band's new ten-song EP, "Life Without Pain Is A Fucking Fantasy," catapults Zombie Apocalypse into the present with their most focused effort to date. Recorded by John Naclerio at Nada Recording (My Chemical Romance, Bayside, Senses Fail) in Montgomery, NY, the songs on "Life Without Pain Is A Fucking Fantasy" pull from different corners of aggressive music - touching on grind, thrash, hardcore punk and beyond - to evoke classic Zombie Apocalypse while also reaching farther - louder, faster, and heavier - than ever before. LP includes digital download, a blank B-side, and alternate cover artwork.

Track Listing:

1. Hey, You Pissed On A Snake
2. Fearface
3. We Still Might Be Dying
4. You've Got Jail
5. Witch Press
6. Brave Digger
7. Bullshit Destroyer
8. Holy Fuck, We're Alive
9. Undead Burnbright
10. Zombie Mountain