Facedown Records


Your Memorial "Redirect"

Your Memorial is back with their sophomore Facedown release, "Redirect." After touring nonstop on their previous album, "Atonement," Your Memorial has returned to the studio and crafted together 12 matured tracks for what is sure to be one of Facedown's finest releases of 2012. Lyrically and musically, Your Memorial is more focused than ever and it shows through the strength and conviction of every song on "Redirect."

Track Listing:

1. Transfiguration
2. Redirect
3. Shipwreck
4. Eternity
5. Substance Of Things Hoped For...
6. Change The World
7. Transform
8. Anthem
9. ...Evidence Of Things Unseen
10. Trial And Triumph
11. Cadence For A King
12. Legacy