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Weekend Nachos "Punish And Destroy"

Chicago, IL's Weekend Nachos blaze through 25 songs of high-powered violence on this debut full-length that was originally released in 2007 on Cowabunga Records. They take the raw thrash of bands like Infest and Lack Of Interest and throw in the doom and sludge of Eyehategod to create an ugly mix of hardcore and metal. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Acceptable Violence
2. Mocked
3. Dog Torture
4. Better Off Dead
5. Pathetic
6. Another World
7. Nothing's Changed
8. Apolitical
9. False Celebrity Kindness
10. Suburban Voice
11. Transformed
12. Hated
13. Breed This Plague
14. Trapped In A Scene
15. Klan Scouts
16. Your Guidance
17. Disrespected Your Elders
18. My Fellow Man
19. Sink To Your Level
20. Fashionable Poverty
21. Drinking Contest
22. Career Homicide
23. Pit Fatality
24. Expose
25. Sick In The Head
26. Punish And Destroy