Not Like You Records


V/A "Skate Ratz Vol. 1"


An homage to the old Thrasher Magazine, "Skate Rock" compilation LPs of the '80s, "Skate Ratz Vol. 1" features nine of today's hardest working skate-rock bands. Featuring Too Many Voices, Fastplants, Since We Were Kids, Good Touch, The Hacks, Slashers, Rabid Assault, Disco Assault, and Bing Krosby (featuring Chuck Treece of McRad). Includes a 12-page booklet and cover art by artist Bobbydrawsskullz (The Faction, Pearl Jam, Powell Peralta).

Track Listing:

1. Too Many Voices - 200 Years
2. Fastplants - Poor Man's Speed Ball
3. Good Touch - Pressure Cracks
4. The Hacks - Farewell
5. Slashers - Progress Kills
6. Rabid Assault - Rico's Roughnecks
7. Disco Assault - Repetition
8. Rabid Assault - Hellraiser
9. The Hacks - Slappy Attack
10. Since We Were Kids - Hard Cement No Regrets/Then We Die
11. Slashers - Bad Thoughts
12. Good Touch - Culture Me Bad
13. Fastplants - Hook Up, Hang Up, And Die
14. Disco Assault - Slimeballs
15. Bing Krosby - Hawk Butter