Destroy Art


V/A "Distort The Bay"


Sonic snapshot of the 2023 San Francisco and East Bay, CA, hardcore-punk scene with 23 diverse bands that are actively representing the incredibly awesome, current scene exploding around the Bay Area. Cover art by the legendary collage artist Winston Smith plus each record includes a 40-page 'zine/insert with photography by Rob Coons, along with band artwork and info. Featuring False Flag, Urban Sprawl, Planet On A Chain, Cell Rot, Surprise Privilege, LUV, Greyhound, Aninoko, Gosh, Repo Man, Irritant, Wharf, Doc And The Parasites, XUI, Ansible, The Vaxxines, Western Addiction, AK/47, Tess & The Details, Tension Span, Violent Coercion, Simulation, and George Crustanza. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. False Flag - One Man War
2. Cell Rot - Pigs
3. Simulation - Disarray
4. LUV - Drowning
5. George Crustanza - Vapes On A Plane
6. Surprise Privilege - I'm Going To Shoot You In The Head With A Gun
7. Irritant - Zar Ue Promuena Krau?
8. XUI - Who
9. Wharf - Wicked
10. Doc And The Parasites - Something's Wrong
11. Tension Span - Problem People
12. Aninoko - Anino Ni Al Robles
13. Urban Sprawl - Extortion
14. Planet On A Chain - Nothing Left
15. Repo Man - No Peace In My Mind
16. Greyhound - I'm Not Going To Make it At This Rate
17. Western Addiction - Belix
18. AK/47 - Petir Tak Bisa Direncanakan
19. Tes & The Details - Broken Fingers
20. The Vaxxines - ACAB
21. Violent Coercion - Teenage Depression
22. Ansible - Third Person Memory
23. Gosh - Resistance