Puke N Vomit Records


V/A "A Country Fit For Heroes: Volume 2"


Repressed for the first time since being released in '82, Puke N Vomit is releasing both volumes of what are now considered essential slices of '82 UK/punk/oi from the legendary No Future Records. The comp features many exclusive and rare, early demo versions of tracks from well-known, scene-defining bands such as Intensive Care, A.B.H, and Impact, along with other obscure and lesser known bands such as Patrol, Mania, and On Parole among others.

Track Listing:

1. Patrol - Unknown Soldiers
2. Patrol - Nurse, Nurse
3. Mania - Blood Money
4. Government Lies - Did He Or Didn't He?
5. On Parole - Condemned
6. Criminal Damage - Criminal Crew
7. A.B.H - Country Boy Rocker
8. A.B.H - Wanna Riot
9. Cadaverous Clan - Snow Blindness
10. Impact - Storm Trooper Tactics
11. Intensive Care - Fight + Die
12. Intensive Care - Ghost Town