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Type O Negative "The Origin Of The Feces (Not Live At Brighton Beach): 30th Anniversary Edition"


The second album from Type O Negative, "The Origin Of The Feces," was recorded in a studio but a fake audience track was added to give the illusion of a live album. The cover of the original release had an up close picture of an anus (reputed to belong to frontman Peter Steele) with subsequent reissues featuring a black and green portrait of 1493 painting "The Dance Of Death." This 30th anniversary edition features the original explicit cover art with peelable, scratch n' sniff sticker, a "Dance Of Death," fold-out, exclusive poster, green and black mixed color vinyl, and deluxe packaging.

Track Listing:

1. I Know You're Fucking Someone Else
2. Are You Afraid
3. Gravity
4. Pain
5. Kill You Tonight
6. Hey Pete
7. Kill You Tonight (Reprise)
8. Paranoid