Exploding In Sound Records


Two Inch Astronaut "Personal Life"

After two well-received full-lengths released on Exploding In Sound Records, Two Inch Astronaut parted ways with original bassist Daniel Pouridas and were joined by Andy Chervenak of Grass Is Green (members of which went on to be in bands such as Empress Of, Speedy Ortiz and Palehound). After a few shorter stints in the US and an extensive European support tour for La Dispute, the band began writing what would become "Personal Life." It was recorded by one of the band's influences, J. Robbins, at the Magpie Cage in Baltimore. The result is their most varied, honest and honed collection of songs to date, presented with leaner and tougher production than any of their previous efforts, with a sound akin to bands like Jawbox, Failure, Shiner and Fugazi.

Track Listing:

1. Good Behavior
2. Sexual Prince Of The Universe
3. At Risk Student
4. Submission
5. A Happy Song
6. Personal Life
7. Topper Shutt
8. Andy's Progress Report
9. Good Companion
10. Woodstock '99