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Twitching Tongues "Sleep Therapy"


The "Sleep Therapy" redux features the entire "Sleep Therapy"-era of the band remixed by engineer and Twitching Tongues founding member Taylor Young of The Pit Recording Studio and remastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege over a 2xLP, gatefold package. Tracks include the full "Sleep Therapy" recording session (including unreleased material), the original 2010 demo, and covers from both Pentagram and Type O Negative. Artwork from the original layout has been re-imaged by artist Mark McCoy (Full Of Hell, Charles Bronson, Regional Justice Center) on a matte-finish, gatefold jacket complimented by UV spot varnish.

Track Listing:

1. I Fell From Grace Feet First
2. Insane & Inhumane
3. Astigmatism (Of The Phallic Muscle)
4. Distance Clause
5. Sleep Therapy
6. Somnus
7. Voluntary Confinement
8. Arm In Armageddon Pt. 1: Freezing
9. Arm In Armageddon Pt. 2: Peril Of Our Seasons
10. Forever My Queen
11. Gravitational Constant: G = 6.67 X 10^-8 Cm^-3 Gm^-1 Sec^-2
12. Razor's Edge
13. No Gold
14. Loveless Nightmare