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Trap Them "Seizures In Barren Praise"

On November 11th 2008, Trap Them will unveil their latest CD masterpiece, "Seizures In Barren Praise." Once again engineered by Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio, "Seizures In Barren Praise" shows Trap Them at their most vicious. Having mastered the art of aural bludgeoning, the album musically rips, stomps, and claws forth with rabid emotion - all of this a fitting backdrop to Ryan McKenney's lyrical stories of depression and pain.

Track Listing:

1. Day Nineteen: Fucking Viva
2. Day Twenty Eight: Targets
3. Day Twenty Six: Angles Anonymous In Transit
4. Day Twenty Nine: Reincarnation Of Lost Lones
5. Day Twenty Five: Guignol Serene
6. Day Twenty: Flesh And Below
7. Day Twenty Four: Gutterbomb Heaven On The Grid
8. Day Twenty Three: Invertopia/Day Thirty: Class Warmth
9. Day Twenty One: Roam/Day Twenty Two: Absent Civilians
10. Day Thirty One: Mission Convincers