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ToyGuitar "Move Like A Ghost"

On the heels of their first full-length, "In This Mess," ToyGuitar continues to ride a massive wave of acclaim with the EP "Move Like A Ghost." The fanatics have been feening for another hit and the six songs on "Move Like A Ghost" are the perfect dose of ToyGuitar's unique blend of edgy garage rock, '70s proto-punk and undeniably melodic pop. More than just a continuation of their last album, ToyGuitar dials their perfectly executed brand of referential and innovative rock up a notch on "Move Like A Ghost." Of course, the element that puts ToyGuitar's sound over the top is the silky vocals of Jack Dalrymple (One Man Army, Swingin' Utters, Dead To Me), which are on full display throughout the EP. From the initial sizzling blast of energy "Peach Fuzz" to captivating melody of "Stoned Under A New Moon," "Move Like A Ghost" delivers all the charms that ToyGuitar has become known for, with some new twists thrown in along the way. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Peach Fuzz
2. Move Like A Ghost
3. Wrong Side
4. Stoned Under A New Moon
5. Swan
6. Turn It Around