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This Is Hell "Weight Of The World"

This Is Hell has secured not only a loyal fan base, not only a legacy, but a future being the voice of the hardcore genre, a genre in which most bands don't get past a debut album. This Is Hell has broken the stereotypes with the launch of their third studio album, "Weight Of The World." No question a defining release for the band, it also marks a prominent step forward, showcasing both their hardcore and metal influences alike. Now available as a vinyl picture disc.

Track Listing:

1. No One Leaves Unscathed
2. The Night The Line Was Crossed
3. Out Come The Bastards
4. Bloodlines
5. Eagle Of Justice
6. Death Of World Class
7. The Search
8. Forever Discontent
9. Shadows
10. Destroyer
11. Worship Syndrome
12. Fall And Rise
13. Snake Eyes