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The Nerves "One Way Ticket"


Formed in 1975 by guitarist Jack Lee, bassist Peter Case, and drummer Paul Collins, The Nerves are one of the most influential garage-punk/pop outfits to come out of the mid-'70s Los Angeles, CA, scene, and certainly one of the least documented... until now. After the band's break-up in 1978, Peter Case and Paul Collins formed The Breakaways, and later went on to front the legendary Plimsouls and The Beat respectively. This collection features the band's 1976 EP (now regarded as a power-pop classic), as well as demos and previously unreleased live recordings, complete with notes and photos.

Track Listing:

1. One Way Ticket
2. Paper Dolls
3. Hanging On The Telephone
4. When You Find Out
5. Working Too Hard
6. Give Me Some Time
7. Walking Out On Love
8. Thing Of The Past
9. It's Hot Outside
10. Many Roads To Follow (demo)
11. Are You Famous (live)
12. Why Am I Lonely (live)
13. You Won't Be Happy (live)
14. Any Day Now (live)
15. Letter To G. (live)
16. Come Back And Stay (live)
17. I Need Your Love (live)
18. Stand Back And Take A Good Look (demo)