Ixor Stix Records


The Casual Dots "s/t"


The Casual Dots are a trio formed in Washington, DC, in 2002 featuring Christina Billotte (Slant 6, Quixotic, Autoclave) on vocals and guitar, Kathi Wilcox (Bikini Kill, Frumpies) on guitar and backing vocals, and Steve Dore (Snoozers, Deep Lust) on drums. Recorded in 2003 at Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara and Guy Picciotto, the album is at once of its time and timeless. Originally a CD-only release on Kill Rock Stars and long out of print, the album is now being reissued here for the first time on vinyl on Ixor Stix Records.

Track Listing:

1. Derailing
2. Mama's Gonna Make Us A Cake
3. Flowers
4. Clocks
5. Hooded
6. I'll Dry My Tears
7. She's The Real Thing
8. Evil Operations Classified
9. E.S.P. For Now
10. Bumblebee