Pirates Press Records


The Aggrolites "Rugged Road"


Argued by diehards as the most under-appreciated full-length by The Aggrolites, the Pirates would just make the case for it simply being the least heard. Following their exit from Hellcat, this album certainly didn't get the mainstream press attention that the three previous albums did, or the outright accolades of their debut album, "Dirty Reggae," but for many true fans, this is the gem in the collection. With great pride, the Pirates present to you this remastered, stellar, vinyl version of "Rugged Road."

Track Listing:

1. Trial And Error
2. Enemy Dub
3. Dreamin On Erie
4. Eye Of Obarbas
5. The Aggro Band Plays On
6. Camel Rock
7. In The Cut
8. The Heat
9. Complicated Girl
10. Out Of Sight