Trustkill Records


Stonerider "Three Legs Of Trouble"

From the label: "Stonerider arrives with whip-ass grooves and balls-out-rock 'n' roll for anyone who has ever thrown back a brew to Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix or AC/DC or lit a spliff chilling out to Lynyrd Skynyrd or even Pink Floyd. The album was written collaboratively, with the four former members of southern rock band Fight Paris - Tanner, Warren, drummer Jason Krutzdy and bass player Champ Champagne - sitting in a room together jamming and working off of each other. Whereas Fight Paris was fast and thrashy, Stonerider slows things down a bit and lets the songs groove, even dabbling with mid-tempo ballads."

Track Listing:

1. Rush Hour, Baby
2. Back From The Dead
3. Ramble Down
4. Juice Man
5. Wild Child
6. Bad Lovin' (Never Felt So Good)
7. Hair Of The Dog
8. Bite My Tongue
9. Breakout
10. Shut My Mouth